Turkey Bowl 2017

On Thanksgiving morning, men of all ages gathered for the first annual Turkey Bowl at GTWC! It was a chilly, overcast morning - perfect weather for a friendly game of football! After throwing the football around for a few minutes, we decided that it was time to start a game or we would all freeze. :)

What I love about this event is that you really get a chance to share in an experience where you get to bond with others. Not only that, team sports like football are a good illustration of Kingdom work. We all wanted to build up and use our teammates to get down the field and score. Also, needing everyone to step-up on defense in order to stop the opposition. You were able to identify each person's gifts and they're all important. It made me think that if we were "down a man," there would be a vulnerability in our defense. (Leave the 99 to get the 1)

When you have a group of people working together towards one "goal" something fantastic happens where we all celebrate together and struggle together. We come together in strategy and trust. We find ourselves leaving our personal interests for the sake of the mission. 

We all had a blast and everyone who was there is excited about next year! We're hoping for an even greater turnout! And who knows, we may play some more games before then!

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Author: Wes Atkinson


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