We are a dynamic, spirit-filled church located in Florence, SC with ministry on every age level.  God has given us great people who love him and are willing to serve.  We have people from many social and ethnic backgrounds.  No one is turned away due to their past mistakes.  We believe that we truly are the place to start over.  

Feel the freedom to explore our church and ask questions.  We have a place for you!

Our vision at Gospel Temple Worship Center is to experience God at a level deep enough to transform us, worship God at a level high enough to know Him intimately and experience restoration at a level wide enough to mend the broken and spiritually wounded.

  • God the Father is the creator of the universe and man is created in His image.
  • Jesus' death and resurrection provided salvation and eternal life for all who repent and believe.
  • The Holy Spirit fills the believer with power to witness about Jesus.
  • The Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God to man.
  • Daily prayer and Bible reading are the tools God gives us to know Him.
  • The goal of every believer is to do the will of God and become Christ-like in character.
  • The gifts and fruit of the Spirit operate in the lives of believers.
  • People are stewards of God's provision for them and they should joyfully tithe into the church as well as give to other ministries as led by the Spirit.
  • Jesus will return to receive His church and judge every man according to his personal relationship with Him.
  • God is active in healing the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds of His children.