IGNITE Ministry


We are a group of Young Adults who come together as a family to fellowship with one another and learn and grow in the Gospel together. We believe that daily interaction with God will help us maintain and build a relationship with God and in His son Jesus Christ. These interactions include, but are not limited to, daily bible study and devotionals, listening to worship music, prayer, and honoring God in all of our daily encounters.

Every one of us, in some way, contribute to helping other people see God; and you stand in a line that is over 2000 years long of people who have done that.

2000 years and we all do it differently and that is AWESOME, but we all still point to Jesus the Christ! It is Him we point to. He's the only story worth telling. He's the only common thread among all the crazy uncommon things between us.

So, I invite you, in this moment, to just breathe... and to take a journey with us that will not feel normal.

**I pray you will guide us in igniting our relationship with You, God, and help us "Light the Way" and be a Godly example to all of those who are in need. Help strengthen our faith, deepen our worship, and UNITE us as ONE!**

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Wes Atkinson

Ministry Leader